Lenard Sayazake or "SAYAZAKE" as he's commonly known is a multidisciplinary artist from Queens, New York. His primary focus is Illustration, Painting and Photography. Drawing inspiration from Anime, Japanese culture, and personal visions from his eccentric imagination, Sayazake seeks to create a new world separate from this one. 
Sayazake began his art career as a self taught photographer with an affinity for Illustration and eventually Painting. Inspired by artists such as Kim Jung Gi, Alberto Mielgo, Leinil Yu, Daido Moriyama and other independent artists, Sayazake brings a unique aesthetic to his work. 
On September 11th, 2020 he released his autobiographical art book,"OUTLAW." The book documents his travels to Tokyo,Paris and London while also highlighting his artwork throughout the years. The books proves to be a showcase of adventure, artistry and family as the audience is taken for a ride alongside Sayazake. 

2019: Art Festival, "Create Art Festival", New York
2017: Group show,"Paint in Love", The Schomberg Center, New York

2021: "Hardcore Trauma", Graphic novel, Self published
2020:"OUTLAW ", Photobook, Self published
2018: WORD? Magazine Issue #1, Riley Matthew

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