Artist Statement:

Using art as a tool to create conversation and connection, my art speaks out to those who feel it. Selling t-shirts, crafting images that people are drawn to, these are the things that make me the artist I am.

I use art as a vehicle to transport my thoughts and physical body to where I would like to be. Using my art to attract crowds of people on the same wavelength brings me to greater heights and also allows me to hear others story. In essence, the audience communicates with my work and I simply translate. Art brings forth my love for philosophy and dealings of the mind. Crafting incantations and activating mysticism within spaces, I am able to generate emotions within others simply with a presentation of my creations. Be it, book, clothing, artwork or even a photo; There is a form of hypnosis that is imbued within the crevices of my selected works. Each piece brings out a story or memory from within the viewer.

Support and focus are two things in which I value when presenting my creations and also receive others creations. Listening for their whispers with my mind’s eye, a dialogue occurs.
I enter spaces with the question, “What can I offer you in exchange for your thoughts?”

2019: Art Festival, "Create Art Festival", New York
2017: Group show,"Paint in Love", The Schomberg Center, New York

2021: "Hardcore Trauma", Graphic novel, Self published
2020:"OUTLAW ", Photobook, Self published
2018: WORD? Magazine Issue #1, Riley Matthew

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